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The cost is based on the size of your top and the type of quilting you select. Quilting designs range from simple all over designs to complex custom professional ordered designs.

 $45.00 minimum charge on simple all over and pantograph designs

All Over Designs:  One freehand design such as hearts, loops and stars, meander puzzle pieces, stipple or other simple freehand designs.
PRICE: $.015 per sq. inch
Pantograph Patterns and Circle Lord boards, price depends upon the density of the design. .
PRICE: $.016 - $.0175  per sq. inch
Custom Quilting:  Includes stitch-in-the- ditch, ruler work, stencils, multiple designs, pantograph with separate border
PRICE: $.018 - $.050 per sq. inch

$60 minimum for custom quilting.
Formula:  Width x Length = ______ total square inch’s of your quilt.
Other Charges
  First solid cotton thread color included in price. $3.00 for each additional change of thread

· Variegated and specialty $  8.00

· Metallic                           $10.00

Batting: You may provide your own, or for your convenience, I do carry batting from the Warm Company which you may purchase.